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Using minit

The MontageJS initializer, minit, is a multipurpose command line utility that provides a convenient way to kickstart and serve your MontageJS projects locally. With minit you can quickly generate blank application projects, directories, and add components to an existing project.

Basic Examples of Using minit

Run the following commands from within your project directory:

  • To create a new project:
$ minit create:app -n app-name

This generates a new directory app-name, which contains the default MontageJS application directories with production dependencies.

  • To add a component to a project:
$ minit create:component -n component-name

This generates a new UI component component-name.reel in the ui directory of the current application directory. It contains default HTML, CSS, and JS files for your component.

  • To spin up a local server for previewing the current project in the browser:
$ minit serve &

The ampersand & flag ensures that you don’t have to open a second Terminal window while working on your project. To close the server, run minit again then hit Ctrl C.

  • To update to the latest version of minit:
$ npm install -g minit@latest
  • For a complete list of minit options:
$ minit --help

See also the minit repo on Github.