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Matte Theme

Matte is a basic, neutral-looking theme for HTML5 controls and inputs. You can use it as a wireframe for prototypes or starting point for creating your own custom theme.


Available Components

The following list summarizes the UI components that are currently part of the Matte widget set:

Component Description
Anchor Provides hyperlink functionality.
Autocomplete Provides suggestions while you type into a field.
Button Provides button functionality.
DynamicElement Lets you append a string of markup to a page.
Image Provides functionality for displaying an image.
InputCheckbox Provides checkbox functionality.
InputDate Provides date functionality.
InputNumber Provides functionality for entering a number in a text field. This typically includes a spinner control attached to the text field.
InputRange Provides slider functionality.
InputText Provides functionality for a single-line text field.
List Provides list functionality.
LoadingPanel Displays status of a determinate or indeterminate process.
Loading Shows loading in progress indicator.
Popup (Deprecated in favor of the new Overlay component.)
Progress Provides progress bar functionality.
RadioButton Provides radio button functionality.
RichTextEditor Provides functioanlity for text entry and styling.
ScrollBars Provides scrollbar functionality.
Scroller Adds scollbars if there is too much content.
Select Provides drop-down list functionality in Montage.
TextArea Provides functionality for a multiline text field.
TextInput Provides functionality for a singleline text field.
TextSlider Adds a numeric slider.
ToggleButton Provides on/off button functionality.
ToggleSwitch Provides on/off functionality.
TokenField Adds text input for multiple items (e.g., tag list or to field in emails).
VideoPlayer Provides basic video controls.

Installing the Matte Theme

Matte is not included in the default application template. To use Matte in your projects, you have to install it first:

  1. Use your command line tool to switch to your project directory.

     cd yourprojectfolder
  2. At the prompt, enter:

     npm install matte@latest --save

    The --save flag ensures that the matte package is automatically added as a dependency to the package.json file of your application code.