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Digit Theme

Digit is a touch-optimized component set for use with tablets and mobile phones. You can choose from below by setting data-montage-skin="light":

  • wireframe
  • light
  • dark


The following list provides an overview of the existing Digit components.

Button Badge Checkbox RadioButton ToggleSwitch Select NumberField Slider Text Title TextField TextArea

Available Components

The following list summarizes the UI components that are currently part of the Digit widget set:

Component Description
Badge Provides badge metadata functionality.
Button Provides button functionality.
Checkbox Provides checkbox (multichoice) functionality.
Image Provides functionality for displaying an image.
ListItem Provides functionality for adding individual list items.
List Provides functionality for adding multi-item lists.
NumberField Provides functionality for entering a number in a text field. This typically includes a spinner control attached to the text field.
RadioButton Provides radio button (single option) functionality.
Select Provides drop-down list functionality.
Slider Provides slider functionality.
TextArea Provides functionality for an expandable multiline text field.
TextField Provides functionality for a single-line text field.
Text Provides functionality for adding styled text.
Title Provides functionality for adding a styled Title element.
ToggleSwitch Provides toggle functionality.

Updating Digit

Digit is part of the default application template. The theme is still under development. To ensure you are using the latest version of digit, follow these steps:

Use your command line tool to switch to your project directory.

cd yourprojectfolder

At the prompt, enter:

npm install digit@latest --save

The --save flag ensures that the digit package is automatically added as a dependency to the package.json file of your application code.